Thoreau, Thoreau, Thoreau Your Boat…

11 07 2010

So, we’ve all heard it… A rolling stone gathers no moss. But is it true? Maybe we should ask Mick Jagger… he’s still rolling and rolling and rolling, as the lead singer of one of the longest running, constantly performing, still touring, and still rocking bands on the planet. The fact that his band is called The Rolling Stones is just a coincidence… it’s his inner momentum that keeps him going forward at full steam, and keeps him looking fairly young (all things considered).

In the last post, I talked a lot about changing your life and changing your story. I talked about shifting your perspective away from what you have been doing, to what you WANT to be doing. Now, the big question… How do you keep moving in that new direction?


For me, momentum has been one of the tenets of my life… a belief that I have had and utiilized since high school. The theory is simple, in the morning, start yourself in motion… and never stop moving until your day is done.

I remember many long, late night cramming sessions, trying to fill my brain with everything I would need for a test the following day. I remember being up until 1 or 2AM, and then waking up at 5:30AM, jumping out of bed (to start the momentum), then a quick shower, get dressed, hop on my bike, and ride towards school. I would stop at a nearby Denny’s, and grab breakfast, and keep studying, cramming, absorbing as much knowledge as my poor sleep-deprived brain could handle, and then heading into class. As long as I didn’t STOP… as long as I stayed focused and present, and refused to lie down and rest, I would be fine, I would power my way through the day… ACE the test, finish the rest of my classes and head home…

But it wouldn’t stop there. I’d get home, and you would have to maintain the momentum. Read a book, do my homework, write a little, dinner and then keep it going until I was fully spent. Most of my life, I have survived and in fact thrived on a bare minimum hours of sleep based on this concept. I have a lot to do in my day, every day. A lot to do in my life. Goals, hopes, dreams, plans. It never stops.

Someone told me the other day that he only had so many hours in the day, and I laughed to myself… If that’s true, you either need to use those hours smarter, or sleep less… or in my case, a little of both. If you put your mind to it, there is always enough time in a day to do what is TRULY important to you. Most of us waste at least half of our days with television, facebook, movies, twitter, and other mind numbing activities that make us feel busy and productive, but actually accomplish nothing more than making us FEEL busy and productive. In most cases they do not further our hopes, dreams, businesses, and higher purposes. That’s not to say you have to completely stop doing those things, especially if you enjoy them… just recognize them for what they are. Everyone needs some downtime, and some time to (pardon the phrase) fuck around… but it should be the dessert of your day, not the main course.

I say it to you, because I need to hear it for myself.

In fact, everything I talk about in this blog is as much for me to hear as for anyone. That’s how my brain works. We teach what we must learn the most. My personal struggles and challenges have always been the biggest inspiration for what I write about, so don’t think I have mastered any of these things. I am still a student, and I am merely speaking out loud the lessons that I need to take in. If they help you or anyone else along the way, that’s just the icing on the cake.

So, back to momentum….

About a month ago, I had a life altering experience. I raised the bar in my own life. I challenged myself to show up differently. To hold myself taller, stronger, to stand up straighter. I realized a greater value for who I am, and I found my higher purpose. But that was just the beginning. Each morning since that realization, I have found myself back where I used to be. Back in my comfort zone. Back where I think I’m not worth anything. Where I question my drive and my direction. Where I doubt myself and my value. And every morning I must remind myself of where I am going.

That’s what MOMENTUM looks like to me today. It’s a way of connecting each day to the prior day, and to the day before that. Remembering where I’ve been, and what I’ve learned. Acknowledging that the voices in my head, the fears, the doubts, the confusion is all a pattern I don’t want to be a part of anymore. It’s all an old tape loop. By being present, aware, focused and in complete recognition of the path I am on, I maintain my direction, and move it forward another day.

One tool that has helped me is to ask myself (and those around me) a revealing question every day… here are a few of the one’s I have used:
* How will you help another person today?
* What will inspire you to stay focused today?
* What lie that you tell yourself regularly will you dispel today?
* What fear will you face up to and overcome today?
* How will you know that today was a successful day?
* Where do you want to go today?

Each day… each question… each answer… reveals something about how I am evolving. Each moment is a chance to live my higher purpose. Each day in an opportunity to move one day closer in the direction of my dreams.

One of Kurt Simon’s favorite quotes (other than this blog’s namesake), was Thoreau: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. “

And so I do, and I will continue to….




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11 07 2010

Wait … What is the difference between Blogs and Facebook ?
I think that Facebook is only blogs on blogs but interactive blogs, no?

11 07 2010
Dylan Stewart

The difference is minimal, if there even is a difference.

But for me, Facebook is a place where I read about things people I know are doing. Sometimes I know them well, sometimes I used to know them or we used to go to the same school or we used to live in the same area, sometimes they are absolute strangers… and sometimes the strangers are more revealing, more interesting and more inspirational than the people I have known for most of my life.

Through Facebook I share little snippets, quotes, pictures, and things that make me laugh or inspire me… but it’s always a short form.

My blog, on the other hand, is a place where I can share my thoughts, feelings, inspirations and motivations in a longer form. It offers me a venue to express my creative inner thoughts, and I don’t do it for anyone but myself… because I need to share what is going on in my head. Because that is a way for me to better know myself.. by seeing myself from other perspectives.

11 07 2010


When I read you on this new post on your blog, I had the feeling that you talk about resignation(s) and what we have to do.
I will try to explain why I feel that.
When I was 16-27 years old, I was a man who knew what he need and love to do, write, making stupid movies (shorts one’s), taking photos, paint, I love those thing because I find myself happy with them. Nothing else was really into my mind.
Then, I had to do others thing and here I had to resign about a lot of things that I was in love (write, paint etc.) because my life take another path.
I had to go away from my house’s parents and have my own house (even if I’m not the really owner of my house – this is an another house that my mother had, but I live in this house -) and she is older than 100 years old. No electricity, no hot water, no bathroom, no really bedroom etc.
I had to make a plan for being well in my new house, being well with my love (my woman) and being well with my job.
I decided to put in front of me what I need first : “my house – for be ‘happy’ to have a house and feel well inside.” So, I had to do a lot of manual works that was unknown to me at this time. Put hot water, electricity there and there, well.. A lot of things that I learnt, AND I’m happy for this learning, really. But, for doing those things I have to save up with little of money which I could have. So, it takes time.
And during those moments, I had too also focus on my life, I mean my love – my woman – and what she was doing and also on my family, because a lot of things happened in the same time there too.
And like I said to your woman – Sherilyn – I’m suffering of Agoraphobia. I can’t hardly go outside.
ALSO, in all this, during 4 years, I had to put back what I like (paint, write etc.) and focus on this. I learnt a lot of things during those 4 years about myself, this others, and how to ‘try’ to love the one who is really in your heart. That was not a easy thing to do. But, I learnt and I always learn.

Now, I know that there is “only” few steps that I have to do. I have to do a formation for my job, for learn more about it, I have to learn more about how to communicate in love, I have to try and try and try to fight against this agoraphobia, I have to do my day (diners etc.) in my house and this each day, I have to take care about my parents because they are getting old (my father is 81 years old, my mother is 75 years old) and I really love them, that makes me sad to see them getting old, so I try to help them the best that I can.
Someone one day said to me : ” You do not have the feeling to scarifice yourself?”, and I have to say : “YES!”. Why ? Because I left the things that I love for love something else. But I feel this ‘left’ like a temporary resignation.
We all have to sacrifice temporary something or a lot of things for go further.

In all this, all this mess (and I hope that my english is understandable 🙂 ) I always say to me : “In space, you are a point. This point is who you are. Try to not forget it because this point is YOU. And when you will finished with all you have to do, you must go back to this point for be again yourself. But during this ‘travel’ you have learn a lot, be proud of this — Just a little– and be in peace with what you had builded”.
That what I say to me and what I believe in.
I said (wrote) one day to your woman on twitter : I do believe in miracle. Because I had live into a lot of miracles, but I have the feeling that others miracles are coming, and this is why I live. I just have the sensation to have two lifes. The one’s I live and the one I hope to live with all this miracles to come. And this is why I live.”
One day and I always work on it, from time to time, I will re-start really to paint, to write, to take pictures with my camera, and make another silly little short movies. BUT, I will “have” what I built.
And, may be, that one day I will have to “re”-built this in another place (who knows???) but with the same persons. Because I feel happy to be in the hearts of those persons and that enough for me.

Also, I think that life is a matter of resignations (temporary) and to do thing for keep in touch that we love and who we love.

For FaceBook and twitter, I only go there for sharing what I love. And, I only do it with few (only 7 really) people. I can name them : there is my love, my nephew, my niece, the cousin of my love, my brother who live in Mexico and in France, from time to time your woman, and you. And, I’m happy like that on the social networks.
I must admit that I miss the old internet. Because, blogs are good but what I like is to create on the internet. And, often, a blog is already done. By creating a website, a blog, a forum, you put a little bit of yourself to show to the others what you are able to do (artistically or something else) but, for me there is ALWAYS a technical base.

Well… I’m too long 🙂 and I will stop here.


P.S : One day, when I saw a person on the blog of your woman, I hesitate to ask her if she wants to have a personal blog or website for write that she want but like I’m shy I do not ask her 🙂 And, there is a thing, I’m afraid to talk (write) to her of it because I do not want to be boring or something else, but… Well… I’m making a translation of the first book that I wrote (in 1991) just because I would like that she will read it. I would like to send it when he will be finished not to her agent/manager but directly at your house. I just wish this. (On paper, real paper, and on a cd with the .doc, .pdf if she wants to write something else inside this book, of course if she will like it and if she will want it.) May be that she had talk to you about this book. Do not know… But, this is a project that is inside my others projects that I would LOVE to do.
I’m really too long, I’m sorry 😦


11 07 2010

Ho! I just forget, like usual, something….
When someone had opened her heart to you, do not close it because it takes a whole life to know really the heart of the one you love. It’s not easy at all, but this is the BEST TIME just NOW and for your past and future too.
And it’s a nice and wonderful travel.
The best on earth.


11 07 2010
Dylan Stewart

Thank you for constantly reading my posts and responding to them. The length of the response doesn’t matter. I’m just grateful to have connected with someone. Thank you for your time, and the attention you put into your responses.

12 07 2010

Well…, it’s too long (for me at least) because there is only 2 or may be 4 sentences to keep, hehe…
I love your blog, you have some nice thoughts to share and to shake 😉


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